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Trinity Lane

by Lilly Hiatt

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released August 25, 2017

All songs written by Lilly Hiatt
Poppy Cat (BMI) / New West Independent Music Publishing (BMI)


I Wanna Go Home
(Lilly Hiatt / Joe McMahan)
Poppy Cat (BMI) / New West Independent Music Publishing (BMI) / Joe McMahan (BMI)


Produced by Michael Trent
Recorded by Andy Dixon at Studio Bees in Johns Island, SC
Mastered by Dave McNair at Dave McNair Mastering in Winston-Salem, NC

A&R: Kim Buie
Management: Lisa Jenkins at Vector Management
Booking: Peter Loomis & Alex Fang at New Frontier Touring
Package Design: Fetzer Design
Photography: Alysse Gafkjen & John Condit


Lilly Hiatt - vocals, rhythm guitar
John Condit - lead guitar
Robert Hudson - bass
Allen Jones - drums

Michael Trent plays the following instruments throughout the album - background vocals, keys, electric guitar, autoharp, mandolin, tambourine, shaker and claps. Additionally performs a rippin’ guitar solo on “Trinity Lane”

Shovels & Rope - background vocals on “Everything I Had”
Andy Dixon - lap steel on “Imposter”
Josh Kaler - pedal steel on “Different, I Guess”


all rights reserved



Lilly Hiatt Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: All Kinds Of People
Spent all morning out in Franklin
They were fixing my car, I was thinking of you
You weren’t ready, I bent over backwards
Busted my knees, what else could I do?

Spend a lot of time loving all kinds of people
But all kinds of people won’t care for your heart
I love you like you love the ocean, and that’s where you’re going
And it’s ripped me apart

This house has spirits, I always knew it
That sale sign doesn’t fool me at all
Remember listening to Lonnie Johnson?
I told you you’d love it, our names on the wall


That corner house, I don’t drive by it
When I go to the grocery, I take the back way
I miss you fresh off the boat
Eyes big as whole notes with so much to say

Track Name: The Night David Bowie Died
I wanted to call you the night David Bowie died
But I just sat in my room and cried
I wanted to be perfect for you, everything you wanted me to
Believe me baby, I tried

I wanted to move back to California
Have a baby with ya, I know you aren’t up for that
I’m sorry I was such a bitch that night in the city
Baby, I want ya back

Cuz I, I realize what I screwed up
I love you baby, what we had it was good enough

I see you got your place all cleaned up now
Must be nice to have me out, I know you’re finding hairs on the mattress and stuff
I left a few things over there, maybe I could keep them there
I’m sorry it got rough

Track Name: Trinity Lane
I get bored so I wanna get drunk
I know how that goes
So I ain’t gonna touch it

I get bored and wanna find someone
I know how that goes
So I ain’t gonna rush it

Gonna hang on a little bit longer
Sleep well, work a little harder
Put my faith in something I can’t see

Crack a window when it rains
This is living off of Trinity Lane
It’s working alright for me

Well, you’re right down the road from here
I wanna come and see ya
But it really doesn’t matter

Sarah’s downstairs and she’s singing
I smell garlic cooking
I think this is better


I get bored so I wanna get drunk
I know how that goes
So I ain’t gonna touch it

I think my neighbors are selling drugs
I know how that goes
I ain’t judging nothing

Track Name: Everything I Had
Word on the street
You got yourself a new girl
I would’ve given anything
To light up your world

“You women go crazy”
That’s what you fuckers say
For loving someone the right way

Let me tell ya something
I’ve had it up to here with that

Cuz I gave you everything, everything that I had
I gave you everything, everything that I had

I’m the one getting angry
So the night’s on my back
But you’re saying nothing at all
So cut me some slack

I spent all those nights feeling so guilty
For letting you near the ugliest parts of me
I think it’s time I stop feeling stupid for that


I thought you called cuz you wanted to see me
You were just calling because I was easy
You know that I love you, how dare you do something like that

Track Name: I Wanna Go Home
Stoned to the bone, Denver, CO
My friend tried to show me her wedding video
I knew what I was doing was bad for me
I couldn’t be the kind of person that I wanted to be

I studied the crooks, I studied the kings
Studied the lines on the butterfly wings
Ooo baby, I wanna go home
Ooo baby, where’s my home?

I’ve been thinking about you a lot out here
The sun sets and you’re everywhere
I had a dream last night you were married to me
I woke up and I missed my family


March 13th, Memphis, TN
Ain’t you starting to wonder ‘bout me?
I hit the bridge right after the Arkansas flood
Wondering where the hell I was

I miss the Natchez Trace and being a kid
And all that stupid shit we did
You know they used to call it “The Devil’s Backbone?”
Ooo baby, I wanna go home

Track Name: Imposter
He said, “I feel like an imposter
Took me ‘til 62 to realize
I’m good at what I do”

There are things that I’ve been hiding from
Things that I’ve been looking for

1984 listening to Born To Run
Honey, that’s what I did
I’m not the only one

The memory of her skin
And she’s holding you again

I could try to make it better
I could pray it won’t get worse
I could wish you would forget her
I could hope you’d break this curse

After what we both went through
I count on you, I count on you

You caught me quite off guard
It was 100 degrees
I was cleaning up the bar
You were watching me

30 something years
I have been waiting right here

I wonder if we’d like each other
You know how I get so mad
Is that the same red temper that she had?

There’s shame and there’s hard luck
She gave me some tough girl stuff


I know you spent all those years out on your tour bus
Never took a lot of time to stop and think about what would’ve happened to us
When my auntie took me home, loved me like I was her own
And you came back, of course you did

I say, “You are no imposter
You’re the real thing
It’s a guiding light when I hear you sing”

She’s never coming back
I think we both know that

I count on you
I count on you
I count on you
Track Name: Records
I’m 32, I feel 23
Got no husband next to me
I just wanna rock’n’roll
Scream out my lungs and burn real slow

I’ll take lonely if it means free
It’s never how you thought it’d be
But that record waited up for me
That record waited up for me

Six years ago, hope was nothing much
Waking up to a stranger’s touch
I gave up vodka, I chilled out on weed
That record still hung on to me


Looking out a window pane
Wondering why I still feel the same
I put the needle down, hey Mr. Young
You know our work is never done

I saw that boy I loved so hard
He passed me in his beat up car
Desire doesn’t know it’s wrong
So I came home and put the record on

I heard the backbeat
I sank into the groove
And suddenly I wasn’t worried about you

I turned it up so loud
That it buzzed my ears
And that’s ok cuz I’m the only one here

Track Name: Different, I Guess
I had a plan to make me look tough
You’d call and I wouldn’t pick up
But I saw your name and I jumped out of bed
I was yours from the moment we met

We’d both been keeping our space
But someone broke into your place
I came to the bank while you changed your accounts
It was enough just to help calm you down

My friends say, “Stay away”
They know I obsess
No one’s really been at their best
But this is different, I just love you more than anyone I ever have,
I guess

I’ve prayed for something to give
How can this heartache still live?
I’m not trying to whine, I’m just fucking spent
I don’t think you’ll ever know how deep that I went

I say that, but maybe you do
Your eyes are a lonelier blue
You don’t talk about it or cry out my name
But maybe you feel the same


I’m no victim, you’re one of a kind
There’s more to our hearts than lost time
I don’t have to have you to know what this is
But I’ll never forget our first kiss

I wanted to leave here with you
But you do what you gotta do
And if it’s not in Newport, I’ll be right here
Love doesn’t disappear


I had a plan to make me look tough
Track Name: Rotterdam
Rotterdam to Richmond trying to kick this shit
4,000 miles, I wasn’t rid of it
Heaven’s only waiting when you wear that crown
Who’s gonna be there when you burn it down?

I wanna be here
I wanna be cool
That’s what you’d do
You keep your cool

My head starts spinning when there’s some big plan
I like to let it roll my man
She’s getting high as an angel now
We’re down here trying to hammer it out


I can’t sleep in this hotel room
There’s too many things I wanna tell you

15 years in outer space
I’ll never understand this place
Wishing worry was a sunny day
No one ever makes you stay

Track Name: Sucker
Baby’s drifting, he ain’t got a father
He’s not the same as when he got her

And you think you got ahead, you think you found a secret
Tell me instead, how the hell you gonna keep it?

It’s not the same as when you’re in it
Ain’t it a shame when you just wanna win it?

When you look at me like that, you know I’m a sucker
I bet you didn’t know we’d go down in the gutter

I never did set out to be a liar
Trying to keep it together while my heart was on fire

I hear you’re heading back to the West Coast
I bet you’re surfing and eating burritos

There was countryside I wanted to show you
The farm I grew up on, the shit that we went through
Track Name: So Much You Don't Know
I miss my old GMC
Now she’s riding high in that dry city
Sold it to a dark-eyed man
Left with $800 in my hand

There are places you have no idea that I have been
Like that time my little angel got on heroin
And I thought my throat was closing every time I tried to sleep
There’s just so much you don’t know about me

I ask you questions about where you’re from
Where you were when you first got drunk
What was the name of your first girlfriend?
Goddamnit, don’t you wonder where the hell I’ve been?

I could dance in circles, bring out old photographs
Of that time I was in Denver drinking cherry schnapps
You are always acting as if it’s all on my sleeve
But there’s so much you don’t know about me

My favorite record is Purple Rain
It came out the same year that I got my name
Your mother loved driving to the B-52s
Why am I always asking about you?

I’m not trying to be needy, I’m not trying to kiss and tell
Shouldn’t worry about painting up a pretty picture of myself
Well, who doesn’t love a little mystery?
I just want you to want to know about me
Track Name: See Ya Later
Oh, you think you’ve got it?
You know everything about it
What I do and what I say and what I dream

But the second I am hungry
Tapping on your window
Asking for my lover, there’s nothing

Now I’m kicking at the concrete
Wishing you would get me
But that thinking never got me very far

So I’ll do us both a favor
I’ll catch up with ya later
It’s better if I don’t know where ya are

Now I’ve been under water
Watching it all happen
Tried to count the stars but they just blurred

In Tulsa, Oklahoma
I tried to take the spotlight
Hung my head and wished I was a bird


The more I tried to own it
The more your heart went roaming
Hoping it would be more than a scar

So I’ll do us both a favor
I’ll catch up with ya later
It’s better if I don’t know where ya are

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